Have you ever wondered why “God” in the Old Testament appears to be vindictive, jealous, cruel, and manipulative? Have you ever wondered why the theme of the entire Old Testament is of the punishment that will befall those who are disloyal to this same God? That’s because “God” in the Bible is not a deity at all. In fact, there are no deities anywhere in the Bible. “God” is a made-up word to replace “Elohim” which means Powers. The answer to these questions is that “God” in the Old Testament represents the Power of the State. The resume of the God in the Old Testament and the Power of any centralized State are exactly the same. The authors of the Bible recognized this type of Power was the same no matter what type of State is in control of your geographic area or during what time. It is a “monotheistic” God.

Don’t take my word for it. As quick proof, consider what evangelists will never point out, but you may have noticed, is the Bible begins with a story of two trees and ends with a story of the same two trees. They are the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life. In the beginning, Adam and Eve were exiled from the Garden of Eden for their temptation to partake of these amazing trees that give Power to the people. This story is portrayed as the downfall of man for our inability to avoid the temptations of sin because the trees were forbidden by God.

However, at the end of the Bible after Revelation, it became the greatest selling point of the new Garden of Eden (rebuilt by the sons of man) to regain possession of those two trees. The “forbidden” Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life at the beginning of the Bible are now portrayed as a wonderful and important part of the New Eden. For this to make any sense, the story of the Garden of Eden does not represent the failure of man but instead portrays the failure of the Powers That Be (The State/God). It represents the failure of an instinct to rule, rather than serve. All authoritarian States, the only kind that existed during the time the Bible was written, have always resisted allowing the people to gain Power by forbidding the pursuit of Knowledge and joy of Life.

Eden, of course, is not a garden or even a location.  Eden is an attitude.  Eden is culture and human interaction that glorifies the Power of Man as the Bible instructs us to do.  Cultural interaction is the superpower of humanity. Achieving Eden involves understanding, tolerance, and being open to new ideas as represented by the two trees of knowledge and life. And above all, the authors of the Bible were warning us to never put our Power into the hands of the State, which invariably results in plagues, division, war, elitism, and of course taxes, all of which the God in the Old Testament was very fond of using against the people.

One of the first things we need to understand before Eden can exist is just as the Bible says, there will be no “kingdom” given to us. A “kingdom” under a god would be the opposite of the Eden described in the Bible. The Bible says very clearly that We The People are to be our own gods and are responsible for ourselves, and forbids the building of temples devoted to the Gods. Idolators and temples will not be allowed in Eden. Cultural manipulation, narrative control, propaganda, and social engineering cannot allow Eden to exist.

For most of us, Eden is fairly simple to build. Rather than building temples, it simply involves adhering to the Golden Rule and being proactive at avoiding things like murdering or pillaging the neighbors. So if Eden is so simple to build, why is it often beyond our abilities? Why is the Bible, and all of history, filled with warfare and economic chaos? Well, we still have dark forces that work to prevent us from benefiting from what the two trees have to offer. For the vast majority with the Power of the two trees, it would be fairly straightforward. The darkest force of all is The God of Statism as described in the Old Testament, so that will be a big part of our focus. So get a copy of the book, read some of the articles on this site, and tell us if you think we are on the right track. Look forward to suggestions and comments. According to the Bible, you alone have the ability to create Eden because as Jesus said, “ye are gods””.

The God of Statism: And The History of Jewish Defiance

You will discover:

  • How the Bible has been deliberately misinterpreted for centuries.
  • How the Old Testament exposes the dark side of politics while the New Testament offers an alternative and no, it will not involve a new “kingdom”. 
  • The Bible explains the “Original Sin” of man was in worshipping “The Powers That Be” in return for benefits or because of fear.
  • How Jesus was never meant to represent a single individual but instead is a metaphor for We The People.
  • Jesus represented all who reject the temple builders that deny the “tree of life” and the “knowledge of good and evil” from We The People through inflicting warfare, taxation, dependency, and division.
  • How the New Testament explains We The People are already the temple.
  • The Revelation explains Eden can only be rebuilt behind a wall that separates us from idolaters who worship the Powers That Be.

The message of Jesus is We The People continue to be crucified by elitists who twist the meaning of the Bible in order to rule our lives through oppressive cultural manipulation.  It is time for us to resurrect Eden and reclaim the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life by interpreting the Bible as it was meant to be.  We should resist the cultural fear and dependency used by the God of Statism to rob us of our freedom, individuality, and ability to cooperate among ourselves.  The Inherent Power of We The People can be resurrected if we have the will and the understanding.  If not, we will continue to suffer the repetitious 666 cycles of failure and never reach the seventh stage which is the Sabbath of peace and rest.