The Moral Case Against Socialism

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We have been getting warnings of this phenomenon for thousands of years. The Moses parable is the story of how Socialism and authoritarianism gains a foothold in society. Here is an excerpt from The God of Statism that compares Moses to his antidote, which is Jesus. There is nothing Hitler did that Moses did not do also. This has been a problem since the beginning of culture.

Moses—Promoted and led people to a “promised land” acquired through war, thievery, and genocide
Jesus—Promoted salvation which would be acquired through a virtuous culture.

Moses—Learned benefits of Elitism at an early age
Jesus—Learned a trade at an early age

Moses—Appointed a surrogate to rule over the people
Jesus—Anointed the people to rule over themselves

Moses—Grew up in privilege and wealth
Jesus—Grew up in working class

Moses—Gained followers through plagues and division
Jesus—Gained followers through healing and teaching

Moses—Created conflict and participated in vicious tribal warfare (identity politics)
Jesus—Avoided conflict and taught tolerance

Moses—Created laws and bureaucracies
Jesus—Pointed out flaws in laws and bureaucracies

Moses—Used laws to enforce loyalty under penalty of death
Jesus—Simply allowed others to follow their own beliefs

Moses—Used bureaucracy to create dependency
Jesus—Encouraged faith in oneself and self-reliance

Moses—Created and enforced tax laws to redistribute wealth 
Jesus—Encouraged charity directly to the poor and discouraged use of State money

Moses—Required sacrifices for every service rendered, and assigned tax collectors
Jesus—Never charged for charity and converted tax collectors to his cause

Moses—Created endless rituals and rules
Jesus—Despised meaningless rituals and rules

Moses—Believed in mob rule and collective persecution
Jesus—Believed in collective forgiveness

Moses—Brutally attacked merchants (Canaanites)
Jesus—Recruited merchants as allies and teachers

The bible is a public warning announcement. If you prefer a secular version than read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. The only difference is Jesus is replaced with John Galt.

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