What is the current location of the Ark of the Covenant?

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It’s actually quite impossible to not know the location of the Ark of the Covenant because it is all around us. The Ark was never an actual object, but was instead a metaphor of how The Powers That Be seek to control the citizens and culture of a nation. The word “God”, used to replace The Powers That Be was not introduced into the Bible until hundreds of years after the New Testament was written.

Consider the contents of the Ark. One of the contents was “manna”. It was provided for free to the citizens until dependancy reached the point that citizens obedient to The Powers That Be were willing to slaughter the Canaanites and loot their cities and steal the wealth created there. The Powers That Be said this stolen land and booty was their “promised land”. The word Canaanite means merchant or trader. The looting of capitalism still continues to this day. Looting sanctioned by The Powers That Be eventually replaced the free manna, which was only provided long enough to create the necessary dependency.

Another content was laws carved into stone. The laws mostly represented cultural norms but The Powers That Be made a covenant with Moses to make them permanently carved into stone in a very high place where the citizens were refused access, to be used as an instrument to judge against the citizens when convenient. Neither Moses nor The Powers That Be were bound by these laws. Also, along with the laws already generally accepted by the citizens were laws now earmarked to demand loyalty to The Powers That Be under penalty of death.

Of course, the creation of laws to be used to judge the people did not stop with just ten. The laws kept flowing, the taxes became much more complicated, and the micromanagement persisted until many additional scrolls also had to be included and also hidden away in the Ark to protect them from being examined or questioned by the citizens.

The Ark became a severe burden, and they had to lug it with them wherever they traveled. It resulted in the death and suffering of many of the Israelites. It was once captured and adopted by another tribe and resulted in many deaths and plagues among them as well. They sent it back in terror and when some of the Israelites found it they disrespectfully examined the contents. This caused tens of thousands of more deaths dispensed by The Powers That Be. War, suffering, and plagues accompanied the Ark wherever it traveled. Do you see the meaning of the metaphor and who it was referring to?

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