Are Americans especially, and the world, conditioned to believe lies?

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@justafoolagain 2 months ago

Are Americans especially, and the world, conditioned to believe lies?

The information age and statistics are showing us who the liars are. Yet, we do not seem to care as we knowingly let our tribal natures override our common sense and decency. We knowingly support liars, whether they be in the political or religious spheres.

We are knowingly allowing ourselves to be manipulated and
socially controlled. Businesses and organizations, in politics and religions; deceive us, while putting cash and power over us in their hands. That self-deception does not seem to be satisfactory to many.

Are we insane to think that while we continue to do so; we can expect a different outcome? This is what the world population is doing by continuing to knowingly support liars.

Do I perceive reality incorrectly?

What Do Con Artists and Religious Leaders Have in Common?

Response From Tim Orum

For the authors of the Old Testament, I think the evil of the God was the whole point of their stories. I also believe their stories were not about a deity but instead were about politics, which were especially evil during the time the stories were written. That leads me to believe that a) their books were specifically addressing politics or b) religion and politics are indistinguishable and inseparable. Their ancient stories tell me there is absolutely nothing new in how the human herd is still being managed by the elites.

Just as one contemporary example, I would refer to the story of Daniel, who was an unwelcome outsider was brought into the palace of Babylon which was being run by insider palace eunuchs. They convinced the king to pass laws that were specifically drawn up to trap Daniel to prevent him from gaining favor or using any influence within the palace. The law was that he must worship the golden statue of the current king. He refused.

His punishment was being thrown into a furnace of their own making, with full flame and fury. He stubbornly ignored the flames and the heat and went about his business as they built the flames higher.

Donald Trump, as another unwelcome outsider, has been doing the exact same thing for years. It backfired because the flames didn’t work and instead he was rewarded with even more power. This is what has happened to Donald Trump as he installs new judges.

They next threw Daniel to the lions, which is bible talk for throwing him onto the court of public opinion (they often used a lion to represent the collective populace of a nation), after they had spread false rumors. The result was that the lions had no interest in Daniel and instead turned on the palace eunuchs and devoured them.

This is the same with Donald Trump with false news stories in the media designed by the current palace eunuchs. There is little to no real news stories in the MSM regarding Trump, other than their false narratives. Especially outside of the U.S., they know only what the palace eunuchs tell them. Inside the U.S., the lion (people) have caught on, and are now devouring the palace eunuchs instead.

History continues to repeat itself. This will continue until the people themselves have a revelation and start listening to the warnings laid out in the bible. Thanks to “fake news” the bible has been spun into something barely understandable to most.

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