Do you think that the parties in the US are committed to formalized political rivalry? Or do you think one or both are committed to winning by fraud, suppression, gerrymandering, etc?

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At the Washington level of politics, there is little to no rivalry. We now have a system very similar to what they have in Russia. In Russia, they pretend to have competing parties, the most prevalent being the United Russia Party and the Communist Party. In actual practice they have one Party with two names, which is why the chosen politicians, such as Putin, always win no matter what.

Their system has been set up to benefit the ruling elite, not the citizens. The politicians presented as candidates are mostly chosen from within the Politboro of Law Enforcement and Intelligence Communities, which gives a huge advantage to Putin and his oligarchs.

We now have the same system, but a huge wrench was thrown into the power structure when the people elected Trump instead of those who had been pre-selected by the American Politboro in the form of Clinton or McCain. Trump being elected was the equivalent of transplanting a human heart into the organs of a huge hairy gorilla, without the benefit of medications to prevent rejection. As a result, the giant gorilla is screaming in agony and anguish, just as if Trump had been elected in Russia.

The citizens, on the other hand, have been deliberately divided by the propaganda rhetoric coming from within the American Politboro. Just as in Russia, they own the Media, the political Parties, and the Intel and Law enforcement communities, which have been working together to rid themselves of the foreign object within their chest by trying to convince the American people to also reject Trump. This has failed, leaving what may be a lasting divide among the people.

The majority of Americans have awakened to the fact their government has grown into a Politboro Caliphate that serves its own interests before the people. However you translate the numbers, Trump won the vote of the vast majority of counties in the U.S. You can check those numbers here.

A common characteristic of who did not vote for Trump are those concentrated in areas where there is a huge government presence and a large population of immigrants and others receiving entitlements, who quickly become government dependent. The dependency could consist of either government jobs, government services, or government welfare. The results are the same and they vote for the Politboro Caliphate to continue to grow and become even more influential in society in exchange for the benefits offered. The need by the Politboro for this voting bloc is why we now have “sanctuary” cities.

The high concentrations of those benefit by voting for the Politboro Caliphate are beginning to look more and more like a new Confederacy. If this trend continues through uncontrolled immigration and government welfare and giveaways there could eventually be such a division that conflict may be inevitable.

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