Why is it a Requirement for God to Be a Deity?

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Here is my issue. For years I have been studying the Bible and the more I examine the Scriptures the more it appears they aren’t even referring to a deity at all. To make the process easier I first created a resume for God in the Old Testament and it looks like this:

-Discourages knowing the difference between good and evil as forbidden fruit.
-Is fearful of those who may eat of the “tree of life” through self-determination. 
-Creates and uses weapons of mass destruction (beginning with the sword to prevent reentry into Eden)
-Separates out the chosen elite while meting out death and destruction on those less “chosen”.
-Places great emphasis on taxation while encouraging theft justified by elitism.
-Laws are “carved into stone” in high and inaccessible places without input from the citizens
-Judges are installed to “witness against the people” to assure loyalty.
-Creates a system of punishment against those not adequately loyal consisting of death, threats, fines, or banishment.
-Promotes mob mentality punishment against offenders.
-Allows killing and thievery, but only with permission.
-Promotes a “promised land” which must be stolen from others who are “not chosen”.
-Rewards elitist insiders who become very wealthy and powerful.
-Promotes nepotism and cronyism with a strong centralized power structure.
-Promotes the willingness to sacrifice future generations in return for immediate benefits. (Abraham and Isaac)
-Requires a pretentious temple in which to live which excludes commoners.
-Creates “manna” out of thin air to create dependency and loyalty. (money)
-Encourages identity politics through the creation of nation-states, along with tribes and clans.
-Protects loyalists even if they have a criminal nature.
-Actively instigates war and genocide, often targeting women and children.
-Is exalted exclusively by elitist clergy, authority figures, and bureaucrats.

Other than fear and being the constant recipients of punishment such being sent into war or being sold into slavery, not much is spoken of in the Old Testament as to how the proletariat viewed this God. I have no interest in labels such as atheism and previous to my examination of Scripture had never thought of myself as having any interest in politics, but the Old Testament God appears to have the exact characteristics as what we refer to today as Statism. The only way I can fathom the writers of the Old Testament pointing out the evil nature of the warlords Abraham, Moses, and their God is by replacing the word “God” with “Statism” and consider their writings to be a warning to future generations.

Elohim in the Bible appears to be a word that denotes Power, not a deity. In that case Elohim in the Old Testament would represent the Power of the State. In confirmation of my suspicions, they then appear to offer an antidote to this God in the form of Jesus, who questioned why he was being forsaken. The story of Jesus seems to make the most sense to me when I substitute his name with a phrase currently popular as “We The People”, since Jesus never claimed to be a God, and in fact told the people “ye are gods” instead. Am I missing something or is the Bible actually a political manual disguised by the authors (or someone else) as a book about deities?

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