The Link Between Elitism, “Reptile Aliens”, and Pedophilia

Tim Orum

As it turns out, there are many “reptile aliens” in positions of power around the world, and most are elitists themselves or are controlled by them. However, contrary to what some claim, they are not extraterrestrial. Before you discard this notion out of hand, let’s take a look at what constitutes a “reptile alien”. First, let’s assume for the sake of argument it would be possible for reptile aliens to exist and were able to assume leadership roles in the world of geopolitics and economics.  What would be the result?  To answer that we would need to examine the characteristics of a reptilian brain.  Since we have an abundance of reptiles on every continent, we already know a lot about them.  What is less well-known is the fact we humans also have a reptilian brain. 

Here’s just one tidbit of information that explains a lot. As it turns out, all us humans have a reptilian brain left over from the process of evolution.  Studies of the human brain describe the function and purpose of our reptilian brain.

The Reptilian Brain of Survival

The base of the brain contains the cerebellum, and it directly connects to the spinal cord (or brainstem). It is sometimes referred to as the reptilian complex or the “lizard brain.” You might be wondering, “What do I have in common with a lizard?” Well, all living creatures have basic functions that must be performed in order to sustain life. Those functions originate in this lowest, most primitive part of the brain such as: reflexive behaviors, muscle control, balance, breathing, heartbeat, feeding/digestion, and reproduction.

In short, without our reptilian brain, we could not survive.  However, as we can see from the diagram below, the reptile brain does not have qualities such as bonding, emotion, reason, empathy, or other brain activities that make us “human”, which evolved later in mammals and primates.  As anyone who keeps reptiles as pets can attest, reptiles do not bond from an emotional attachment.  Anything resembling bonding from a reptile is limited to feeling safe in your presence, recognizing you as a reliable source of food, or maybe as a source of body heat since reptiles are cold-blooded.  It is reasonable we could expect the same characteristics from reptile overlords if they existed.  This is a diagram demonstrating what is called a “triune” brain, meaning three distinct sections.

Another characteristic of a reptile brain is there is no sense of time.  Existence for a reptile is confined to the moment, so there can be no planning for the future other than natural instincts. The mating instinct, the search for food, or seeking comfort from weather such as going underground in the winter to avoid freezing are instincts triggered by current conditions and require no planning for the future.  As we can see, extra-terrestrial aliens with reptile brains would not be able to plan a takeover of our planet or create the infrastructure and technology to make that goal possible, so an extra-terrestrial source for these beings is ruled out.  However, we now know humans are a good source for reptilian brains.  The reptilian brain we all have can under some circumstances become dominant over the “mammalian brains” that harbor empathy, bonding, and reason.

If the human part of the brain is somehow suppressed, the reptile brain can follow the instinct to become dominant, while still retaining most human characteristics.  Reverting to our reptile brain is a natural survival tactic. Reptilian brain people live among us and look like us because they are us.  An extra-terrestrial source is not necessary because our existence demands we all have a readily available reptile brain, waiting to be activated if part of our human brain is somehow damaged or rendered dysfunctional. 

However, it is not accurate to think reptile brains grow larger or take over our mammal brains.  The way this happens is through certain aspects of our mammal brains being minimized or eliminated through trauma, abuse, drugs, or mental manipulation.  Even premature birth can be a factor, as it may affect certain aspects of brain development. Any of these can result in our mammal brain being reduced to the point our reptile brain then becomes a “default” to still allow the best chances for survival.

Probably the most common trigger for a reptilian brain survival response is not through physical damage but through emotional trauma.  Our emotional primate brains can become “overloaded”.  PTSD is an example of brain stress that represses our primate brain to a reptilian brain of survival. This interferes with the ability to retain emotional bonding common to mammals and primates. This is especially true if there is no emotional support to help rebuild the primate brain over time.  During wartime trauma, it is not unusual for the primate brain of emotion to default to the reptile brain of survival which may cause some individuals to have trouble readjusting to a safer environment even after the danger is removed.  Imagine coming home from war to a family and discovering you no longer find it easy to form an emotional bond, combined with the stress survival instinct of paranoia that won’t go away. This void in the “humanness” of the brain has led many to suicide.

Unbelievably, there are those who would deliberately create reptile brain people.  Imagine how useful a reptilian brain could be to those who desire control over a targeted population or individual.  Reptilian brain people could make decisions and invoke actions without the burden of human emotion or empathy.  The CIA recognized their potential usefulness decades ago and created a program called MK-Ultra to experiment with brain manipulation with the goal of creating what would essentially be reptilian brain people who are obedient, loyal, and still high functioning but who lack bonding that might invoke sympathy towards a target.  One of their psychological experiments at Harvard University on an unsuspecting and brilliant young 16 year-old prodigy student by the name of Ted Kaczyinski resulted in the creation of the Unabomber, who is still serving a life sentence for sending mail bombs that killed at least three and seriously wounded another two dozen.  They had succeeded in creating a reptilian brain person lacking empathy but still had not learned to control the actions of their subject, who acted out against those he perceived as his controllers. His targets were mostly universities and government offices where he had received his experimental treatments.

The CIA continued the MK-Ultra programs for two decades using drugs, psychological torture, propaganda indoctrination, and various other methods before they were finally exposed, which resulted in the program being discontinued.  Although the program may have been officially discontinued, that did not stop them from subcontracting the task to others using unconventional methods to create obedient reptilian brain people. 

The CIA eventually discovered something the Vatican and other powerful organizations had stumbled upon centuries earlier by accident, which is pedophilia.  As it turns out, pedophilia is a very effective method of reducing some aspects of the primate brain to allow the reptilian brain to become dominant, while still maintaining the high functionality of the primate brain.  The combination of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse with feigned emotional support and concern confuses the undeveloped mind of a child sufficiently that emotional bonding becomes associated with sexual activity and replaces the primate instinct of love and empathy with the reptilian instinct of mating desire and the search for prey as a source of gratification. Organizations such as the CIA, DOJ, FBI, and foreign intelligence have used this discovery to full advantage, often teaming up with the likes of Jeffrey Epstein and others to avoid being implicated in the necessary perverseness and criminality to make this method work. 

An additional side effect of using pedophilia to create “reptilia” for those with an interest in manipulating society is the ability to record the aberrant behavior from unsuspecting potential assets such as politicians, bureaucrats, financiers, celebrities and the like to be used for blackmail purposes.  Nxivm, a brain washing and sex cult operation, copied many of the methods used by MK-Ultra to gain control of powerful individuals around the world. One of the worst aspects of using pedophilia to create reptilian brain dominant humans is that it is self-perpetuating.  An emotionally bereft human created through pedophilia often will continue the process by preying on other children in their adulthood.  Their artificially created reptile brain causes them to also see children as easy prey which provides basic instinctual gratification, and so the process is continued for the next generation.  In adulthood, they often have a strong motivation to attain positions of power to shield them against accusers and to attain new victims.

To have controllable “reptilia” placed in high political, religious, or financial institutions would give great power to their controllers.  Whether you need someone assassinated, or if you need a psyops to instigate a regime change that could cost thousands of lives, having reptilian brains would be invaluable.  If you need to collapse the economy of a nation, costing millions of jobs and creating economic chaos as a pretext to increase the power of the State, you will need reptilian people who feel no emotion at the consequences. If their actions seem short-sighted, remember reptilian brains only exist in the here and now, with no yesterday of history and no foresight of tomorrow. Their own perceived risk cannot see beyond the necessity of dominance, concealment, and stealth, just like any other reptile.

The sad fact is, reptilian brain people have become overlords over unsuspecting populations probably for as long as civilization has existed.  They become warlords, dictators, economic manipulators, and generals because they can participate in activities that are completely alien to most of us primate brain humans. They are often admired as “leaders” because of their focused ruthlessness. While they will compensate for lack of emotions through extraordinary efforts at charm, generosity, and feigned concern they do not need to “hide” from anyone, “shapeshift” to protect their appearance or create “hybrids” to achieve their agenda.  They are simply damaged humans without human emotion or empathy seeking to feed and dominate as part of reptilian natural instinct.

Given the right circumstances, any of us could become reptilian brain people, but most of us retain our primate brains to oversee our reptilian brain instincts. To most of us, “reptilia” are very alien to normal human behavior.  Rather than ridiculing those who warn of the existence of “reptile aliens”, we should wonder how many have been placed in positions of power and are influencing our politics and culture, preying on our children, and destroying our potential as humans.

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