How did Christians ruin the ancient world?

Christians ruined the ancient world by declaring themselves to be Christians, rather than following the instructions of the Bible and declaring themselves to be “in christ”, which means to be self-anointed. They turned Jesus, meant by the authors of the Bible to be an example of how to be self-anointed, and turned him into another deity to serve their own self-interests.

The Bible is not about deities, it is about Power. The word “Elohim”, falsely translated to mean “God” actually means the “The Powers” or “The Powers that Be”. The Old Testament is a public warning announcement of the dangers of allowing the Powers of the People to be usurped by the Powers of the State. The entire Old Testament is devoted to examples of corrupt Judges, psychopathic Kings, endless war and genocide, endless and complicated rituals, and of course mandatory taxes called “tithes”. The “Powers” (God) of the Old Testament was only worshipped by the Elites and Rulers. Warlords like Moses and King David paid great obeisance to the Powers of the State that gave them great benefits in return for loyalty.

The Bible was meant to be the first Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and Bill of Rights all together in one book that would give Power back to the People rather the continuous 6–6–6 cycles of failure brought about by worship of the Powers of the State. This message has been corrupted into a story of giving Power back to a God and waiting for a new “kingdom”, while the Bible instead explains in detail We the People are responsible for regaining paradise by excluding all “idolators” and forbidding the construction of temples.

The Bible goes to great effort at explaining we should avoid making a “covenant” with the Powers in return for temporary benefits and should instead rely on and learn to cooperate among ourselves. This message is still being ignored by many who are once again surrendering their Power and making a “covenant” with the Powers That Be that always brings disaster.

The Link Between Elitism, “Reptile Aliens”, and Pedophilia

Tim Orum

As it turns out, there are many “reptile aliens” in positions of power around the world, and most are elitists themselves or are controlled by them. However, contrary to what some claim, they are not extraterrestrial. Before you discard this notion out of hand, let’s take a look at what constitutes a “reptile alien”. First, let’s assume for the sake of argument it would be possible for reptile aliens to exist and were able to assume leadership roles in the world of geopolitics and economics.  What would be the result?  To answer that we would need to examine the characteristics of a reptilian brain.  Since we have an abundance of reptiles on every continent, we already know a lot about them.  What is less well-known is the fact we humans also have a reptilian brain. 

Here’s just one tidbit of information that explains a lot. As it turns out, all us humans have a reptilian brain left over from the process of evolution.  Studies of the human brain describe the function and purpose of our reptilian brain.

The Reptilian Brain of Survival

The base of the brain contains the cerebellum, and it directly connects to the spinal cord (or brainstem). It is sometimes referred to as the reptilian complex or the “lizard brain.” You might be wondering, “What do I have in common with a lizard?” Well, all living creatures have basic functions that must be performed in order to sustain life. Those functions originate in this lowest, most primitive part of the brain such as: reflexive behaviors, muscle control, balance, breathing, heartbeat, feeding/digestion, and reproduction.

In short, without our reptilian brain, we could not survive.  However, as we can see from the diagram below, the reptile brain does not have qualities such as bonding, emotion, reason, empathy, or other brain activities that make us “human”, which evolved later in mammals and primates.  As anyone who keeps reptiles as pets can attest, reptiles do not bond from an emotional attachment.  Anything resembling bonding from a reptile is limited to feeling safe in your presence, recognizing you as a reliable source of food, or maybe as a source of body heat since reptiles are cold-blooded.  It is reasonable we could expect the same characteristics from reptile overlords if they existed.  This is a diagram demonstrating what is called a “triune” brain, meaning three distinct sections.

Another characteristic of a reptile brain is there is no sense of time.  Existence for a reptile is confined to the moment, so there can be no planning for the future other than natural instincts. The mating instinct, the search for food, or seeking comfort from weather such as going underground in the winter to avoid freezing are instincts triggered by current conditions and require no planning for the future.  As we can see, extra-terrestrial aliens with reptile brains would not be able to plan a takeover of our planet or create the infrastructure and technology to make that goal possible, so an extra-terrestrial source for these beings is ruled out.  However, we now know humans are a good source for reptilian brains.  The reptilian brain we all have can under some circumstances become dominant over the “mammalian brains” that harbor empathy, bonding, and reason.

If the human part of the brain is somehow suppressed, the reptile brain can follow the instinct to become dominant, while still retaining most human characteristics.  Reverting to our reptile brain is a natural survival tactic. Reptilian brain people live among us and look like us because they are us.  An extra-terrestrial source is not necessary because our existence demands we all have a readily available reptile brain, waiting to be activated if part of our human brain is somehow damaged or rendered dysfunctional. 

However, it is not accurate to think reptile brains grow larger or take over our mammal brains.  The way this happens is through certain aspects of our mammal brains being minimized or eliminated through trauma, abuse, drugs, or mental manipulation.  Even premature birth can be a factor, as it may affect certain aspects of brain development. Any of these can result in our mammal brain being reduced to the point our reptile brain then becomes a “default” to still allow the best chances for survival.

Probably the most common trigger for a reptilian brain survival response is not through physical damage but through emotional trauma.  Our emotional primate brains can become “overloaded”.  PTSD is an example of brain stress that represses our primate brain to a reptilian brain of survival. This interferes with the ability to retain emotional bonding common to mammals and primates. This is especially true if there is no emotional support to help rebuild the primate brain over time.  During wartime trauma, it is not unusual for the primate brain of emotion to default to the reptile brain of survival which may cause some individuals to have trouble readjusting to a safer environment even after the danger is removed.  Imagine coming home from war to a family and discovering you no longer find it easy to form an emotional bond, combined with the stress survival instinct of paranoia that won’t go away. This void in the “humanness” of the brain has led many to suicide.

Unbelievably, there are those who would deliberately create reptile brain people.  Imagine how useful a reptilian brain could be to those who desire control over a targeted population or individual.  Reptilian brain people could make decisions and invoke actions without the burden of human emotion or empathy.  The CIA recognized their potential usefulness decades ago and created a program called MK-Ultra to experiment with brain manipulation with the goal of creating what would essentially be reptilian brain people who are obedient, loyal, and still high functioning but who lack bonding that might invoke sympathy towards a target.  One of their psychological experiments at Harvard University on an unsuspecting and brilliant young 16 year-old prodigy student by the name of Ted Kaczyinski resulted in the creation of the Unabomber, who is still serving a life sentence for sending mail bombs that killed at least three and seriously wounded another two dozen.  They had succeeded in creating a reptilian brain person lacking empathy but still had not learned to control the actions of their subject, who acted out against those he perceived as his controllers. His targets were mostly universities and government offices where he had received his experimental treatments.

The CIA continued the MK-Ultra programs for two decades using drugs, psychological torture, propaganda indoctrination, and various other methods before they were finally exposed, which resulted in the program being discontinued.  Although the program may have been officially discontinued, that did not stop them from subcontracting the task to others using unconventional methods to create obedient reptilian brain people. 

The CIA eventually discovered something the Vatican and other powerful organizations had stumbled upon centuries earlier by accident, which is pedophilia.  As it turns out, pedophilia is a very effective method of reducing some aspects of the primate brain to allow the reptilian brain to become dominant, while still maintaining the high functionality of the primate brain.  The combination of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse with feigned emotional support and concern confuses the undeveloped mind of a child sufficiently that emotional bonding becomes associated with sexual activity and replaces the primate instinct of love and empathy with the reptilian instinct of mating desire and the search for prey as a source of gratification. Organizations such as the CIA, DOJ, FBI, and foreign intelligence have used this discovery to full advantage, often teaming up with the likes of Jeffrey Epstein and others to avoid being implicated in the necessary perverseness and criminality to make this method work. 

An additional side effect of using pedophilia to create “reptilia” for those with an interest in manipulating society is the ability to record the aberrant behavior from unsuspecting potential assets such as politicians, bureaucrats, financiers, celebrities and the like to be used for blackmail purposes.  Nxivm, a brain washing and sex cult operation, copied many of the methods used by MK-Ultra to gain control of powerful individuals around the world. One of the worst aspects of using pedophilia to create reptilian brain dominant humans is that it is self-perpetuating.  An emotionally bereft human created through pedophilia often will continue the process by preying on other children in their adulthood.  Their artificially created reptile brain causes them to also see children as easy prey which provides basic instinctual gratification, and so the process is continued for the next generation.  In adulthood, they often have a strong motivation to attain positions of power to shield them against accusers and to attain new victims.

To have controllable “reptilia” placed in high political, religious, or financial institutions would give great power to their controllers.  Whether you need someone assassinated, or if you need a psyops to instigate a regime change that could cost thousands of lives, having reptilian brains would be invaluable.  If you need to collapse the economy of a nation, costing millions of jobs and creating economic chaos as a pretext to increase the power of the State, you will need reptilian people who feel no emotion at the consequences. If their actions seem short-sighted, remember reptilian brains only exist in the here and now, with no yesterday of history and no foresight of tomorrow. Their own perceived risk cannot see beyond the necessity of dominance, concealment, and stealth, just like any other reptile.

The sad fact is, reptilian brain people have become overlords over unsuspecting populations probably for as long as civilization has existed.  They become warlords, dictators, economic manipulators, and generals because they can participate in activities that are completely alien to most of us primate brain humans. They are often admired as “leaders” because of their focused ruthlessness. While they will compensate for lack of emotions through extraordinary efforts at charm, generosity, and feigned concern they do not need to “hide” from anyone, “shapeshift” to protect their appearance or create “hybrids” to achieve their agenda.  They are simply damaged humans without human emotion or empathy seeking to feed and dominate as part of reptilian natural instinct.

Given the right circumstances, any of us could become reptilian brain people, but most of us retain our primate brains to oversee our reptilian brain instincts. To most of us, “reptilia” are very alien to normal human behavior.  Rather than ridiculing those who warn of the existence of “reptile aliens”, we should wonder how many have been placed in positions of power and are influencing our politics and culture, preying on our children, and destroying our potential as humans.

Was the Story of Jesus Meant as a Warning Against Characters Like Moses?

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As I have pointed out in earlier posts, it appears God (The Powers That Be) in the Old Testament is an amalgamation of every type of oppressive politics that existed at the time. While they did not yet have socialism and communism they already had theocratic, authoritarian, monarchical, dictatorial, and warlord systems in place, which seem to be represented by God and his minions. These would include Noah, Abraham, and Moses. It is apparent from Scriptures that Jesus and Moses were deliberately depicted as virtual opposites, which would make Jesus the antithesis of those before him. Was that the point of his story? Was the New Testament meant as a warning against characters such as Moses, that were constantly at war? I have a list of comparisons I have used before to demonstrate the stark differences:

Moses Learned benefits of Statism at early age
Jesus Learned a trade at an early age

Moses Grew up in privilege and wealth
Jesus Grew up in working class

Moses Gained followers through plagues and division
Jesus Gained followers through healing and teaching

Moses Created and participated in viscous tribal warfare
Jesus Avoided conflict and taught tolerance

Moses Created laws and bureaucracies
Jesus Pointed out flaws in laws and bureaucracies

Moses Used laws to enforce loyalty under penalty of death
Jesus Simply allowed others to follow their own beliefs at their own risk

Moses Used bureaucracy to create dependency
Jesus Encouraged faith in oneself and self-reliance

Moses Created and enforced tax laws to redistribute wealth
Jesus Encouraged charity directly to the poor and discouraged use of State money

Moses Required sacrifices for every service rendered, and assigned tax collectors
Jesus Never charged for charity and converted tax collectors to his cause

Moses Created endless rituals and rules
Jesus Despised meaningless rituals and rules

Moses Believed in mob rule and collective persecution
Jesus Believed in collective forgiveness

Moses Promoted and led people to a “promised land” acquired through genocide, theft, and confiscation
Jesus Promoted salvation which would be acquired through a virtuous culture and never waged war

Moses Brutally attacked merchants (Canaanites)
Jesus Recruited merchants as allies and teachers

Moses Appointed a surrogate to rule over the people
Jesus Anointed the people to rule over themselves

My question is why are warlords such as Moses still being depicted as a heroes when the point of the scriptures appear to be warning us about those types of political systems through Jesus? Does this mean the churches of today are still perpetuating a centuries old hoax? And if so, then why is the Jesus message of self-reliance, self-accountability, and self-determination considered to be so dangerous it must be buried rather than shared?

Why is it a Requirement for God to Be a Deity?

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Here is my issue. For years I have been studying the Bible and the more I examine the Scriptures the more it appears they aren’t even referring to a deity at all. To make the process easier I first created a resume for God in the Old Testament and it looks like this:

-Discourages knowing the difference between good and evil as forbidden fruit.
-Is fearful of those who may eat of the “tree of life” through self-determination. 
-Creates and uses weapons of mass destruction (beginning with the sword to prevent reentry into Eden)
-Separates out the chosen elite while meting out death and destruction on those less “chosen”.
-Places great emphasis on taxation while encouraging theft justified by elitism.
-Laws are “carved into stone” in high and inaccessible places without input from the citizens
-Judges are installed to “witness against the people” to assure loyalty.
-Creates a system of punishment against those not adequately loyal consisting of death, threats, fines, or banishment.
-Promotes mob mentality punishment against offenders.
-Allows killing and thievery, but only with permission.
-Promotes a “promised land” which must be stolen from others who are “not chosen”.
-Rewards elitist insiders who become very wealthy and powerful.
-Promotes nepotism and cronyism with a strong centralized power structure.
-Promotes the willingness to sacrifice future generations in return for immediate benefits. (Abraham and Isaac)
-Requires a pretentious temple in which to live which excludes commoners.
-Creates “manna” out of thin air to create dependency and loyalty. (money)
-Encourages identity politics through the creation of nation-states, along with tribes and clans.
-Protects loyalists even if they have a criminal nature.
-Actively instigates war and genocide, often targeting women and children.
-Is exalted exclusively by elitist clergy, authority figures, and bureaucrats.

Other than fear and being the constant recipients of punishment such being sent into war or being sold into slavery, not much is spoken of in the Old Testament as to how the proletariat viewed this God. I have no interest in labels such as atheism and previous to my examination of Scripture had never thought of myself as having any interest in politics, but the Old Testament God appears to have the exact characteristics as what we refer to today as Statism. The only way I can fathom the writers of the Old Testament pointing out the evil nature of the warlords Abraham, Moses, and their God is by replacing the word “God” with “Statism” and consider their writings to be a warning to future generations.

Elohim in the Bible appears to be a word that denotes Power, not a deity. In that case Elohim in the Old Testament would represent the Power of the State. In confirmation of my suspicions, they then appear to offer an antidote to this God in the form of Jesus, who questioned why he was being forsaken. The story of Jesus seems to make the most sense to me when I substitute his name with a phrase currently popular as “We The People”, since Jesus never claimed to be a God, and in fact told the people “ye are gods” instead. Am I missing something or is the Bible actually a political manual disguised by the authors (or someone else) as a book about deities?

Are Americans especially, and the world, conditioned to believe lies?

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@justafoolagain 2 months ago

Are Americans especially, and the world, conditioned to believe lies?

The information age and statistics are showing us who the liars are. Yet, we do not seem to care as we knowingly let our tribal natures override our common sense and decency. We knowingly support liars, whether they be in the political or religious spheres.

We are knowingly allowing ourselves to be manipulated and
socially controlled. Businesses and organizations, in politics and religions; deceive us, while putting cash and power over us in their hands. That self-deception does not seem to be satisfactory to many.

Are we insane to think that while we continue to do so; we can expect a different outcome? This is what the world population is doing by continuing to knowingly support liars.

Do I perceive reality incorrectly?

What Do Con Artists and Religious Leaders Have in Common?

Response From Tim Orum

For the authors of the Old Testament, I think the evil of the God was the whole point of their stories. I also believe their stories were not about a deity but instead were about politics, which were especially evil during the time the stories were written. That leads me to believe that a) their books were specifically addressing politics or b) religion and politics are indistinguishable and inseparable. Their ancient stories tell me there is absolutely nothing new in how the human herd is still being managed by the elites.

Just as one contemporary example, I would refer to the story of Daniel, who was an unwelcome outsider was brought into the palace of Babylon which was being run by insider palace eunuchs. They convinced the king to pass laws that were specifically drawn up to trap Daniel to prevent him from gaining favor or using any influence within the palace. The law was that he must worship the golden statue of the current king. He refused.

His punishment was being thrown into a furnace of their own making, with full flame and fury. He stubbornly ignored the flames and the heat and went about his business as they built the flames higher.

Donald Trump, as another unwelcome outsider, has been doing the exact same thing for years. It backfired because the flames didn’t work and instead he was rewarded with even more power. This is what has happened to Donald Trump as he installs new judges.

They next threw Daniel to the lions, which is bible talk for throwing him onto the court of public opinion (they often used a lion to represent the collective populace of a nation), after they had spread false rumors. The result was that the lions had no interest in Daniel and instead turned on the palace eunuchs and devoured them.

This is the same with Donald Trump with false news stories in the media designed by the current palace eunuchs. There is little to no real news stories in the MSM regarding Trump, other than their false narratives. Especially outside of the U.S., they know only what the palace eunuchs tell them. Inside the U.S., the lion (people) have caught on, and are now devouring the palace eunuchs instead.

History continues to repeat itself. This will continue until the people themselves have a revelation and start listening to the warnings laid out in the bible. Thanks to “fake news” the bible has been spun into something barely understandable to most.

Do you think that the parties in the US are committed to formalized political rivalry? Or do you think one or both are committed to winning by fraud, suppression, gerrymandering, etc?

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At the Washington level of politics, there is little to no rivalry. We now have a system very similar to what they have in Russia. In Russia, they pretend to have competing parties, the most prevalent being the United Russia Party and the Communist Party. In actual practice they have one Party with two names, which is why the chosen politicians, such as Putin, always win no matter what.

Their system has been set up to benefit the ruling elite, not the citizens. The politicians presented as candidates are mostly chosen from within the Politboro of Law Enforcement and Intelligence Communities, which gives a huge advantage to Putin and his oligarchs.

We now have the same system, but a huge wrench was thrown into the power structure when the people elected Trump instead of those who had been pre-selected by the American Politboro in the form of Clinton or McCain. Trump being elected was the equivalent of transplanting a human heart into the organs of a huge hairy gorilla, without the benefit of medications to prevent rejection. As a result, the giant gorilla is screaming in agony and anguish, just as if Trump had been elected in Russia.

The citizens, on the other hand, have been deliberately divided by the propaganda rhetoric coming from within the American Politboro. Just as in Russia, they own the Media, the political Parties, and the Intel and Law enforcement communities, which have been working together to rid themselves of the foreign object within their chest by trying to convince the American people to also reject Trump. This has failed, leaving what may be a lasting divide among the people.

The majority of Americans have awakened to the fact their government has grown into a Politboro Caliphate that serves its own interests before the people. However you translate the numbers, Trump won the vote of the vast majority of counties in the U.S. You can check those numbers here.

A common characteristic of who did not vote for Trump are those concentrated in areas where there is a huge government presence and a large population of immigrants and others receiving entitlements, who quickly become government dependent. The dependency could consist of either government jobs, government services, or government welfare. The results are the same and they vote for the Politboro Caliphate to continue to grow and become even more influential in society in exchange for the benefits offered. The need by the Politboro for this voting bloc is why we now have “sanctuary” cities.

The high concentrations of those benefit by voting for the Politboro Caliphate are beginning to look more and more like a new Confederacy. If this trend continues through uncontrolled immigration and government welfare and giveaways there could eventually be such a division that conflict may be inevitable.

The Moral Case Against Socialism

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We have been getting warnings of this phenomenon for thousands of years. The Moses parable is the story of how Socialism and authoritarianism gains a foothold in society. Here is an excerpt from The God of Statism that compares Moses to his antidote, which is Jesus. There is nothing Hitler did that Moses did not do also. This has been a problem since the beginning of culture.

Moses—Promoted and led people to a “promised land” acquired through war, thievery, and genocide
Jesus—Promoted salvation which would be acquired through a virtuous culture.

Moses—Learned benefits of Elitism at an early age
Jesus—Learned a trade at an early age

Moses—Appointed a surrogate to rule over the people
Jesus—Anointed the people to rule over themselves

Moses—Grew up in privilege and wealth
Jesus—Grew up in working class

Moses—Gained followers through plagues and division
Jesus—Gained followers through healing and teaching

Moses—Created conflict and participated in vicious tribal warfare (identity politics)
Jesus—Avoided conflict and taught tolerance

Moses—Created laws and bureaucracies
Jesus—Pointed out flaws in laws and bureaucracies

Moses—Used laws to enforce loyalty under penalty of death
Jesus—Simply allowed others to follow their own beliefs

Moses—Used bureaucracy to create dependency
Jesus—Encouraged faith in oneself and self-reliance

Moses—Created and enforced tax laws to redistribute wealth 
Jesus—Encouraged charity directly to the poor and discouraged use of State money

Moses—Required sacrifices for every service rendered, and assigned tax collectors
Jesus—Never charged for charity and converted tax collectors to his cause

Moses—Created endless rituals and rules
Jesus—Despised meaningless rituals and rules

Moses—Believed in mob rule and collective persecution
Jesus—Believed in collective forgiveness

Moses—Brutally attacked merchants (Canaanites)
Jesus—Recruited merchants as allies and teachers

The bible is a public warning announcement. If you prefer a secular version than read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. The only difference is Jesus is replaced with John Galt.

What is the current location of the Ark of the Covenant?

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It’s actually quite impossible to not know the location of the Ark of the Covenant because it is all around us. The Ark was never an actual object, but was instead a metaphor of how The Powers That Be seek to control the citizens and culture of a nation. The word “God”, used to replace The Powers That Be was not introduced into the Bible until hundreds of years after the New Testament was written.

Consider the contents of the Ark. One of the contents was “manna”. It was provided for free to the citizens until dependancy reached the point that citizens obedient to The Powers That Be were willing to slaughter the Canaanites and loot their cities and steal the wealth created there. The Powers That Be said this stolen land and booty was their “promised land”. The word Canaanite means merchant or trader. The looting of capitalism still continues to this day. Looting sanctioned by The Powers That Be eventually replaced the free manna, which was only provided long enough to create the necessary dependency.

Another content was laws carved into stone. The laws mostly represented cultural norms but The Powers That Be made a covenant with Moses to make them permanently carved into stone in a very high place where the citizens were refused access, to be used as an instrument to judge against the citizens when convenient. Neither Moses nor The Powers That Be were bound by these laws. Also, along with the laws already generally accepted by the citizens were laws now earmarked to demand loyalty to The Powers That Be under penalty of death.

Of course, the creation of laws to be used to judge the people did not stop with just ten. The laws kept flowing, the taxes became much more complicated, and the micromanagement persisted until many additional scrolls also had to be included and also hidden away in the Ark to protect them from being examined or questioned by the citizens.

The Ark became a severe burden, and they had to lug it with them wherever they traveled. It resulted in the death and suffering of many of the Israelites. It was once captured and adopted by another tribe and resulted in many deaths and plagues among them as well. They sent it back in terror and when some of the Israelites found it they disrespectfully examined the contents. This caused tens of thousands of more deaths dispensed by The Powers That Be. War, suffering, and plagues accompanied the Ark wherever it traveled. Do you see the meaning of the metaphor and who it was referring to?

Why is group think so prevalent in today’s America?

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Tim Orum

Tim Orum, Entrepreneur, wrote The God of StatismAnswered Feb 22

Groupthink is a vital aspect of imposing Statist control. Identity politics is another way of phrasing this phenomenon. Here is the Wikipedia definition:

Groupthink is a psychological phenomenon that occurs within a group of people in which the desire for harmony or conformity in the group results in an irrational or dysfunctional decision-making outcome.

There are examples all through history of Statists using this as a tool to impose their authority over an unsuspecting proletariat. Hitler used this to convince his “group” they were being victimized by the Jews. If you did not agree you could be in serious danger, even though they were your harmless neighbors. This was already an ancient method then and is now being used effectively in the U.S. because it is beneficial to The Powers That Be, who are using it as a distraction. Groupthink is being effectively promoted within our State-controlled media to create division and resentment between various groups. Men against women. Gays against straights. Blacks against whites. Poor against rich, etc.

The more division and resentment, the easier a population is to control by turning them against each other rather than encouraging honest debate and respect for another point of view.

As proof of the effectiveness of this age-old method of imposing control, the entire Old Testament is devoted to warnings of how The Powers That Be endlessly divided the people into tribes, kingdoms, clans, and so forth. Then they would be turned against each other to claim and then maintain control of the populace. Groupthink enabled The Powers That Be to claim the moral authority to demand loyalty. Those not willing to participate in the favored groupthink to demonstrate their loyalty would be purged, often violently.

Elitism for Fun and Profit

How to Gain Wealth, Power, and Security at the Expense of the Proletariat

By Tim Orum

            Elitism has been a favored career decision since the dawn of civilization, so you may have been inspired through reading historical accounts of the many proven benefits of being a shepherd of the human herd.   If you are fascinated with the history of citizen oppression, and often feel pangs of envy at the abilities of the kings, emperors, dictators and palace eunuchs of the past in their ability to concentrate power and resources into the hands of a few, you too may have the qualifications that entitle you to the advantages of elitism.  However, you may think extracting easy wealth and privilege from the productive efforts of the proletariat has become a field too difficult and overcrowded and that you have probably missed the boat.  You can be assured the glory days are not over and this guide will introduce you to the many opportunities that still await in modern elitism.

             Elitists of the past often had to use brutal tactics to claim their rightful inheritance as leaders of society and were often unsuccessful because of intense competition.  Thankfully, dangerous methods to achieve elite status through murder or warfare are no longer necessary. Those methods may have worked well enough to gain glory and prosperity in their day but becoming a wealthy elitist in today’s more complicated world requires a roadmap to success rather than a penchant for slaughter.  Having this guide at your fingertips will help in learning to properly manipulate the citizenry in your quest to become one of the elite and with much less risk than ever before. 

            First, a little background in how manipulation of inferiors used to work.  In times past, a social hierarchy was mostly depicted as an upright triangle with a king or other esteemed elitist at the top where power was concentrated.  If you were fortunate enough to reach near the top to become one of the most elite, the goal was to remain at the top for as long as possible through oppression and tyranny.  Although it brought good times and handsome payoffs while it lasted, this hierarchical triangle had one major flaw.  The triangle with all power focused in one top-heavy corner was easily flattened when the king, tsar, dictator, etc., were replaced through invasion, rebellion, or other misfortunes.

            As a result, the efforts of elites throughout history to defend their elite status involved much bloodletting by the peasantry, but even more tragically often led to an insecure lifestyle for the elites themselves.  Although constant bloody conflict makes for exciting and interesting reading, this is something you may want to avoid if possible.  Nowadays, achieving elite status should be without the worry of getting your parapets breached or your bastions penetrated.

            The tradition of warfare and divisive tribalism should be kept alive as a time-honored tradition for today’s youth but is now best left to playing violent video games, graphic savagery in the media, or watching competitive team sports from a safe distance. Vicious tribal conflict while remaining within a safe environment will prepare future elitists with a proper mindset to impose forceful control over those of less value.

             If you are still convinced elitism is for you, then read on and you will be introduced to an almost magical cultural organizational tool that has a proven track record in keeping today’s elitists tactfully positioned for a lifetime of wealth and privilege without fear of being forced into the world of commoners.  These power and wealth generators have three well-defined legs which together form a nearly indestructible, risk-free, and extremely profitable labor union specifically designed for today’s more progressive elites.  This organizational tool can be referred to as The Golden Tripod of Elitism. For obvious reasons, a tripod is many times more stable than the Power Triangles of the past. The important thing is all three legs be tied firmly together at the top, and planted a strategically designed distance from each other at the bottom that makes it appear as if there is no connection.

The three legs of The Golden Tripod are as follows: 

1.  A Political Party of Statist Capitalismwilling to do whatever is necessary to maximize the size and scope of bureaucracy by both promoting government growth and increasing citizen dependency.

2.  Complicit Mediathat will reliably promote the agenda of your Golden Tripod while publicly attacking and vilifying any challengers.

3.  Centrally Controlled Federal Intelligence and Law Enforcement Communitythat will sanctify and support your political candidates, while having the power and authority to eliminate or harass competitors.

            Odds are, your nation will already have such a Golden Tripod labor union firmly entrenched in which to participate. Once proven to be a loyalist, you will already have many of the same basic advantages as any contemporary authoritarian. With a little luck and ruthless ambition, you may even go down in history with the likes of Pol Pot, Mussolini, Stalin, or Hitler.  Don’t be intimidated by the successes of those revered giants of the past and think you can never duplicate their achievements.  Through your efforts of cooperation and work within the Golden Tripod, it isn’t beyond the realm of possibility your name could also become a permanent part of elitist lore. 

            The maintenance of a compliant and deferential citizenry is still a necessary part of human management.  However, instead of fear and tyranny, today’s larger herds of proletarians are now more easily managed through what is called a democratic system.  Allowing citizen participation in a voting process may sound alarming at first glance, but voter manipulation is key to modern elitism and is one important aspect of the power of the Golden Tripod that comes into play.  Limited but carefully controlled voting gives citizens the illusion they have some say in their own affairs, which makes them much more docile.  Using a Golden Tripod to manipulate the voting process has worked for generations of elitists in countries such as Russia, China, Mexico, Indonesia, and dozens of others, so its’ effectiveness is firmly established.

            Starting with the Political Party of Statist Capitalism, let’s get clear on the concept of capitalism for those who may fear and detest the word.  Although that term may sound repugnant to many elites, that’s probably because there is a misunderstanding of the different types of capitalism.  To alleviate your abhorrence, you must know there are three kinds of capitalism. First, there is Free Market Capitalism, which is the most familiar and has earned capitalism a bad reputation because it is far too risky for those who want guaranteed wealth and security.  This type of capitalism should be avoided entirely and is best left to the plebeians.  Still, despite the hazards, this is where all wealth is initially generated.  Your goal will be to divert the profits generated from this dangerous sector of capitalism into the much more secure coffers of your Tripod through taxation, fees, licenses, fines, confiscation, nationalization, etc.

            Then there is Crony Capitalism, which is more secure, usually very profitable, provides a source of allies in your efforts but still does not provide guaranteed security.  Just as free markets, crony capitalism will provide valuable sources of revenue through taxation, tributes, political donations, and other methods but is still best dealt with from a safe distance.  

            As you will learn, there is only one destination for modern elitists and that is Statist Capitalism.  This type of capitalism never fails to provide a predictable, dependable, and very profitable income extracted from the proletariat from within the safe confines of the Golden Tripod.  As you will see, Statist Capitalism is demonstrably a form of capitalism that can be embraced by all societal elites.  Allowing for the possibility of failure is for dweebs and plebes!

            Your first goal will be to establish your Political Party of Statist Capitalism.  Not to worry, despite sounding difficult because it involves manipulating the masses, the easiest leg of the Tripod to establish will be your “Party”.  All that’s required is to promote candidates within your Party that promise commoners they will receive free benefits from the State. How much easier could it be!  Promising free stuff— whether it be jobs, welfare, favoritism in regulation, or other benefits never fails to make any politician chosen by your Party immensely popular.  Welcome to modern elitism!

             Don’t be alarmed.  Done properly, it will never be your wealth that will be redistributed in return for votes and financial backing. If you remain within the protection of the Tripod you will always be safe.  The redistribution will be derived from the resources of the Free Market Capitalists. This redistribution will make society fairer, and the proletariat more equal, which is always a great selling point.  Achieving this will be further proof of your elitism and affirm the need for your guidance.   The voting constituency of your Party will grow very rapidly using this method and you will eventually achieve a “One-Party” system.  Properly managed, the proletarians will eagerly build your Party for you!

             If a one-party system cannot be immediately achieved without resistance, you can fall back on a system of two or more parties that all have the same agenda.  Russia is a very good example of this type of ingenuity.   Their elitists pretend to have more than one party, with the two most popular referred to as the United Russia Party and the Communist Party but practically speaking there is only one party with two names.  Whichever is chosen, it is still the Political Party of Statist Capitalism.  This system works just as well as a single-party system and as a result, some of their political elites and oligarchs have now become idolized billionaires.  They have become the rock stars of elitism!

            Thanks to the efforts of home-grown elitists, along with some outside help from other successful Triangles, much of this has already been achieved here in the U.S., which will make your job much easier.  The U.S. also has two major political parties but just as in Russia, members of the upper echelons of both parties now have the same goal, which is to create as much Statist Capitalism as possible to maintain their common Golden Tripod of Power.  Don’t think it’s too late to get in on the game, or that your efforts will not be rewarded.  Just as in Russia and China, there will always be opportunities to profit by supporting efforts of the “Party”, because the key to success is having huge numbers of loyal followers. As an American seeking the security of home-grown elitism, you will be welcomed into either branch of the Party of Statist Capitalism once your loyalty has been established. 

            Within your Tripod system, political figureheads of the Party will become temporary and disposable, much like baby diapers.  Because of their replaceability, most modern-day politicians now live in fear of the Power of the Tripod, which could deprive them of their benefits and security or expose them to the public.  This type of political manipulation works as a fascinating chess game as you shuffle personalities between various political positions while simultaneously promoting your agenda—along with increasing your net worth.  Your Political Party will grow quickly by increasing government influence at every level through the creation of an array of departments, agencies, and bureaus—and with as many regulations and social programs that can be dreamed up.  This is a never-ending process you will enjoy.  What’s the point of being an elitist if you can’t have fun!        

            Now for the Complicit Media leg of your Golden Tripod.  You will find this to be the most exciting leg of your Tripod of Power.  You will have the opportunity to rub shoulders with famous actors, attend lavish parties, and watch your agenda be promoted on nationwide media forums.  Complicit Media will include movies, sit-coms, comedians, news outlets, and even commercials.  The glamour and wealth attained in the media industry will provide an endless supply of celebrities willing to sell both their bodies and their souls for fame and fortune.  They will jump at the prospect of promoting your agenda just to be in this industry.  Meanwhile, the vast amounts of cash gleaned from the proletarian customers seeking entertainment and information will provide a huge revenue stream into your political “Party” in the form of kickbacks, bribes, extortion and donations from the millionaires that will be created from the Media leg of the Tripod.  They will be happy to cooperate because the more successful you are then the more successful they will be also!        

            If there is anything that most clearly separates elites from commoners, it’s the fact most proletarians have an exceedingly poor herding instinct.  Because of this, without thorough and constant indoctrination some of the most stubborn within the proletariat will resist your efforts to create a well-arranged organization surrounding a centralized authority system.  The Complicit Media leg of the Tripod will help maintain a consistent narrative promoting your agenda.  It will also serve to keep troublemakers in line through public ridicule and vilification while claiming “benevolence” for your Party.

            Media does not consist of mere news, entertainment, and social sites.  Your agenda can also be served up through academics in high schools, colleges, and universities.  Working with youth will prove incredibly useful for promoting the benefits of your Tripod labor union into the minds of the unsuspecting.  Young students are especially eager recipients of the narrative of “benevolence” emanating from your Party of Statist Capitalism.  At such a young age they can easily be convinced part of their job description in life will be to “save the world”.  Through offering the opportunity to participate in your narrative of “benevolence”, especially in the field of social justice, they can easily become some of the most stalwart warriors promoting your agenda.  If you want a prime example of how well this works you can investigate Hitler’s Youth programs.

            Now for the third leg of your Golden Tripod.  At some point, compliance must be enforced.  Where would Stalin have been without the MGB which evolved into the KGB?  Would Hitler have been as successful without the Gestapo and SS?  What would have become of Mao without the Red Guard on his side?  There would have been no Mussolini without the OVRA spying network.  These elites of society could never have made their way to the top without the Intelligence and Law Enforcement organizations they controlled.  The ability to investigate, prosecute, or eliminate will be the hammer to use against your enemies, and information gathered by intelligence agencies will be the sickle to reap and secure the rewards of your elitism.

            Primitive instincts such as self-determination, self-accountability, and self-sufficiency can sometimes make guidance from elites difficult to impose, but with your Golden Tripod of Power, you now have the right tool.  Today’s methods are slower than revolutions and warfare but are far easier and make for a much more docile and profit-producing citizenry in the end.

            Once fully established, a carefully controlled democracy guided by the Golden Tripod will become your best friend to promote a more progressive society with an established ruling elite. Preventing ill-equipped proletarians from having too much influence in society is why your eventual success is guaranteed, as already proven in most parts of the world.  Thanks to a democratic system, it has now become possible to achieve elitism even in backward holdouts such as the U.S.  Through dependency, it is easy to coax the citizens into willfully surrendering their self-centered freedoms and the selfish excesses of their productivity through the skillful manipulation of the voting process and providing enticing entitlements and benefits. 

          Since dependency is the key, that will be the first order of business for your Tripod and will be achieved mostly through the efforts of your Party.  You must encourage dependency at every opportunity.  Pay special attention to the most loyal voting bloc for your Party, which will always consist of government employees, government labor union organizations, welfare recipients (both corporate and personal), and any others receiving entitlements or benefits from the multitude of government bureaucracies financed by the proletariat through taxes.  Over time, this dependency group will also include large numbers of pensioners who will continue to receive generous benefits in return for loyalty to your Party.  The more dependency the stronger your Golden Tripod of Power!

            The power of a dependent voting constituency is successfully demonstrated in Russia and China and explains why their Tripod-sanctioned politicians get reanointed to a political office almost without exception.  The loyalists within the politburo in Russia (bureaucrats within high levels of the Party, which include Intel and Law enforcement officials) know Putin will be a reliable Tripod labor union leader and effectively promote their elitist agenda.  As a former KGB agent, he has a great deal of influence through his many associations within the Intel and Law Enforcement leg of the Tripod.   This leg is a great source for political candidates like Putin because as insiders they already know how the Golden Tripod works to cooperate with both the Party and Media legs of the Tripod.

            In the event dependency does not carry the day in some elections, you may need to resort to other methods.  There is a quote often attributed to Stalin that may be applicable to the Golden Tripod as regards voting:

            It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.

Elitists in Russia learned a lot from Stalin, who helped create the Golden Tripod which still provides security for their elites despite the eventual collapse of the U.S.S.R.                

                Dependency will inevitably result in progressively expanding your bureaucracy.  Don’t worry that many others are wanting to get in on the action.  In some of the most well-known nations of the past with strong “Parties” like those under Stalin and Mao Zedong, there was up to one hundred percent participation.  This is still true in North Korea.  They were hugely successful during their lifetimes, and the Tripods they established still reliably serve their elites.  Even though most elitists are now more sophisticated, and allow more free markets from which to profit, one thing remains the same. The more participants wanting to share in the bounty the better because that will help provide your Party with the number of democratic voters necessary to keep you in power while you continue to expand bureaucracy and create more dependency.  Also, that so many want to participate just means much of the groundwork has already been done, especially in the last great opportunity regions which are in the U.S. and Western European nations. This will work in your favor because almost all other regions are already claimed by entrenched Golden Tripods of their own, and are now anxious to expand into Western nations. They are currently hiring, and you may want to get on that bandwagon. You can’t argue with success, which is why you should emulate and support their efforts.

                Once Golden Tripod labor unions for elites are more established in the West, there is always the next ultimate dream of organizing one giant Golden Tripod of Power across the entire planet.  With enough effort and a little luck, that may be achieved in your lifetime and you may be among the first to achieve status as one of the first true Globalist Elites.  Until then, elitists must be patient and take small baby steps to fundamentally and slowly transform Western nations to avoid the wrath of those pesky plebeians. 

            A very large bureaucratic presence is vital.  Current and accurate statistics are hard to come by, but records show that approximately 40% of the population in Russia worked within the public sector as recently as 2011.  Once a Party of Statist Capitalism working within the Tripod achieves that level of successful bureaucratic dependency there is little chance they will ever be ousted.  At some point, most voters will then follow human instinct and vote for their own best interests by keeping the Party in power that feeds them which creates an enormous voting bloc.  This is the magical power of the Golden Tripod at work!

            Another way to manage large herds of the proletariat is through economic manipulation from within your Tripod.  This can be as simple as making it far more attractive to become dependent on public sector employment or welfare benefits than it is to seek other means of employment or attempt self-sufficiency.  Strategic economic manipulation through the creation of depressions, recessions, and market bubbles can make free-market capitalism much riskier and less profitable compared to reliable dependency on the bureaucracy and will serve to draw more into the safety of your Tripod.  Unlike elites, proletarians are simple folk and often need conditioning before they are willing to eat from your hand.  Economic chaos can be a good way to encourage dependency. It is embarrassing that American elites have achieved only one public sector employee for every twenty-three citizens, compared to one in five or more in Russia.  There is still a great deal of room for improvement so more economic manipulation can be a good way to achieve the same level of success. Above all, you should never allow the Free Market Capitalists to become more powerful than the State, so you will need to keep a tight reign on economics. The beautiful part of this is your Tripod will control how cash and credit is distributed and how much money is printed, which leaves you at the controls to determine who wins and who loses.

            It is important to manage reliable streams of revenue as you create dependency.  One way is in the creation of crony capitalist oligarchs who achieve success by becoming an extension of your Party of Statist Capitalism.  Oligarchs are industrialists or media professionals given special privileges and protections by the Party to amass a huge amount of revenue for themselves, but their success depends on your Golden Tripod of Power.  Despite great financial success because the Tripod helps to eliminate competition, their power is restricted to wealth.  If they wander outside the borders of your Tripod by becoming political opponents, or if they fail to pay proper financial tribute to your Party candidates and elites, well that’s what gulags are for.  Ok, that’s a little old fashioned because, generally speaking, individuals or even entire organizations can be destroyed today through skillful attacks from the Complicit Media or regulatory threats. The bigger the threat, the more you can ramp up a response with resources from within the Tripod. You can’t lose!

             Bureaucracies are a perfect source for voting minions who depend on their own job security, but it must be made clear that as a public sector dependent, they will find it very difficult or impossible to achieve success if they are outspoken critics of the Party’s agenda. It is not enough to simply expand bureaucracy—you will also need to demand loyalty from within the bureaucracy.  Homogenous loyalty can mostly be purchased through benefits.  Remember, it isn’t your money but it is your bureaucracy, so you control the generous benefits package financed by the taxpayers.  Just as in the creation of the Party itself, achieving almost complete saturation of loyalists within the machinery of the Party is more easily accomplished than you might think. Finding it difficult to receive any meaningful career opportunities, most opposing your agenda will quickly move on rather than be stuck in a dead-end job.  They can then be replaced with loyalists, so this type of purging is very effective.                   

                Another beautiful aspect of a firmly established Tripod is that the proletariat must abide by rules that will be laid out by the elites who make the laws.  Control of government bureaucracy will allow you and your comrades within the Party to use legislation to your advantage in many ways.  In addition to manipulation of the voting process through your Tripod, you will also have control over courts, judges, prosecutors, legislators, and Intelligence and Law Enforcement bureaucracies.  With this kind of power, it is easy to weaken the opposition with a tactic referred to as lawfare.   Lawfare is an ancient tactic and was perfected long ago by powerful elites to rid their lands of vile and menacing threats such as witches.  Swift reprisal and accusations would send a strong message to any oafs or surfs determined to have a mind of their own.  Elites of the past discovered and purged many thousands of witches who opposed the power of the Golden Tripod through the process of lawfare.

            Even if Party legislation against opponents is eventually found “unconstitutional” in some cultures it matters very little.  It will take many months or even years for challenges against your lawfare to make their way through the court system, which in itself will discourage opposition.  The financial burden alone will defeat most opponents.  On the other hand, taxes collected by your Party will mean you will have virtually unlimited funding to use against your opposition.  In the meantime, the Media leg can work their magic by vilifying opponents and promoting your agenda. As an elite, you will find lawfare made possible by the Golden Tripod to be a very useful herding tool. You have the power!

            Because lawfare has proven to be so successful for elites around the world, it is now just as common in the U.S. as it is in nations with far more successful Tripods, and the trend is growing.  The IRS, EPA, DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA and countless other bureaus and departments can now serve as lawfare weapons to suppress any political dissidents in the U.S.  This is called police state tactics and their policing and spying authority works well in conjunction with lawfare. Feel the power!

            Victimhood status is yet another way to manipulate the proletariat.  Any opposition to your favoritism laws for your special interest groups or victim groups should result in vilification and delegitimization of individuals or groups who oppose your agenda through the Complicit Media.  This creates division among society in general, and those groups will now participate in identity politics in order to maintain special benefits.   This promotes groupthink and serves to eliminate the vestiges of individualism and self-reliance that could otherwise create chaos among the human herd.  These are proven concepts used for maintaining a position of moral authority for elitists.  Through your Media focus, anyone standing outside that box of groupthink will invite criticism and persecution from the victim groups.  This will serve to turn the plebes against each other and deflect from the manipulative tactics of the elites.  Think of it as playing pool, where the billiard balls bouncing off each other are too distracted to notice the cue stick of your Golden Tripod that sets them in motion.

            Congratulations! You have now been provided with many of the basic tools of ELITISM, and with a little practice and dedication now have the knowledge and skills to seek permanent security at the expense of the proletarians.  Hopefully, this guide will prove helpful in your pursuit of superiority. Now get out there and show those plebes you are better than they are!