Was the Story of Jesus Meant as a Warning Against Characters Like Moses?

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As I have pointed out in earlier posts, it appears God (The Powers That Be) in the Old Testament is an amalgamation of every type of oppressive politics that existed at the time. While they did not yet have socialism and communism they already had theocratic, authoritarian, monarchical, dictatorial, and warlord systems in place, which seem to be represented by God and his minions. These would include Noah, Abraham, and Moses. It is apparent from Scriptures that Jesus and Moses were deliberately depicted as virtual opposites, which would make Jesus the antithesis of those before him. Was that the point of his story? Was the New Testament meant as a warning against characters such as Moses, that were constantly at war? I have a list of comparisons I have used before to demonstrate the stark differences:

Moses Learned benefits of Statism at early age
Jesus Learned a trade at an early age

Moses Grew up in privilege and wealth
Jesus Grew up in working class

Moses Gained followers through plagues and division
Jesus Gained followers through healing and teaching

Moses Created and participated in viscous tribal warfare
Jesus Avoided conflict and taught tolerance

Moses Created laws and bureaucracies
Jesus Pointed out flaws in laws and bureaucracies

Moses Used laws to enforce loyalty under penalty of death
Jesus Simply allowed others to follow their own beliefs at their own risk

Moses Used bureaucracy to create dependency
Jesus Encouraged faith in oneself and self-reliance

Moses Created and enforced tax laws to redistribute wealth
Jesus Encouraged charity directly to the poor and discouraged use of State money

Moses Required sacrifices for every service rendered, and assigned tax collectors
Jesus Never charged for charity and converted tax collectors to his cause

Moses Created endless rituals and rules
Jesus Despised meaningless rituals and rules

Moses Believed in mob rule and collective persecution
Jesus Believed in collective forgiveness

Moses Promoted and led people to a “promised land” acquired through genocide, theft, and confiscation
Jesus Promoted salvation which would be acquired through a virtuous culture and never waged war

Moses Brutally attacked merchants (Canaanites)
Jesus Recruited merchants as allies and teachers

Moses Appointed a surrogate to rule over the people
Jesus Anointed the people to rule over themselves

My question is why are warlords such as Moses still being depicted as a heroes when the point of the scriptures appear to be warning us about those types of political systems through Jesus? Does this mean the churches of today are still perpetuating a centuries old hoax? And if so, then why is the Jesus message of self-reliance, self-accountability, and self-determination considered to be so dangerous it must be buried rather than shared?

Why is it a Requirement for God to Be a Deity?

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Here is my issue. For years I have been studying the Bible and the more I examine the Scriptures the more it appears they aren’t even referring to a deity at all. To make the process easier I first created a resume for God in the Old Testament and it looks like this:

-Discourages knowing the difference between good and evil as forbidden fruit.
-Is fearful of those who may eat of the “tree of life” through self-determination. 
-Creates and uses weapons of mass destruction (beginning with the sword to prevent reentry into Eden)
-Separates out the chosen elite while meting out death and destruction on those less “chosen”.
-Places great emphasis on taxation while encouraging theft justified by elitism.
-Laws are “carved into stone” in high and inaccessible places without input from the citizens
-Judges are installed to “witness against the people” to assure loyalty.
-Creates a system of punishment against those not adequately loyal consisting of death, threats, fines, or banishment.
-Promotes mob mentality punishment against offenders.
-Allows killing and thievery, but only with permission.
-Promotes a “promised land” which must be stolen from others who are “not chosen”.
-Rewards elitist insiders who become very wealthy and powerful.
-Promotes nepotism and cronyism with a strong centralized power structure.
-Promotes the willingness to sacrifice future generations in return for immediate benefits. (Abraham and Isaac)
-Requires a pretentious temple in which to live which excludes commoners.
-Creates “manna” out of thin air to create dependency and loyalty. (money)
-Encourages identity politics through the creation of nation-states, along with tribes and clans.
-Protects loyalists even if they have a criminal nature.
-Actively instigates war and genocide, often targeting women and children.
-Is exalted exclusively by elitist clergy, authority figures, and bureaucrats.

Other than fear and being the constant recipients of punishment such being sent into war or being sold into slavery, not much is spoken of in the Old Testament as to how the proletariat viewed this God. I have no interest in labels such as atheism and previous to my examination of Scripture had never thought of myself as having any interest in politics, but the Old Testament God appears to have the exact characteristics as what we refer to today as Statism. The only way I can fathom the writers of the Old Testament pointing out the evil nature of the warlords Abraham, Moses, and their God is by replacing the word “God” with “Statism” and consider their writings to be a warning to future generations.

Elohim in the Bible appears to be a word that denotes Power, not a deity. In that case Elohim in the Old Testament would represent the Power of the State. In confirmation of my suspicions, they then appear to offer an antidote to this God in the form of Jesus, who questioned why he was being forsaken. The story of Jesus seems to make the most sense to me when I substitute his name with a phrase currently popular as “We The People”, since Jesus never claimed to be a God, and in fact told the people “ye are gods” instead. Am I missing something or is the Bible actually a political manual disguised by the authors (or someone else) as a book about deities?

Are Americans especially, and the world, conditioned to believe lies?

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@justafoolagain 2 months ago

Are Americans especially, and the world, conditioned to believe lies?

The information age and statistics are showing us who the liars are. Yet, we do not seem to care as we knowingly let our tribal natures override our common sense and decency. We knowingly support liars, whether they be in the political or religious spheres.

We are knowingly allowing ourselves to be manipulated and
socially controlled. Businesses and organizations, in politics and religions; deceive us, while putting cash and power over us in their hands. That self-deception does not seem to be satisfactory to many.

Are we insane to think that while we continue to do so; we can expect a different outcome? This is what the world population is doing by continuing to knowingly support liars.

Do I perceive reality incorrectly?

What Do Con Artists and Religious Leaders Have in Common?

Response From Tim Orum

For the authors of the Old Testament, I think the evil of the God was the whole point of their stories. I also believe their stories were not about a deity but instead were about politics, which were especially evil during the time the stories were written. That leads me to believe that a) their books were specifically addressing politics or b) religion and politics are indistinguishable and inseparable. Their ancient stories tell me there is absolutely nothing new in how the human herd is still being managed by the elites.

Just as one contemporary example, I would refer to the story of Daniel, who was an unwelcome outsider was brought into the palace of Babylon which was being run by insider palace eunuchs. They convinced the king to pass laws that were specifically drawn up to trap Daniel to prevent him from gaining favor or using any influence within the palace. The law was that he must worship the golden statue of the current king. He refused.

His punishment was being thrown into a furnace of their own making, with full flame and fury. He stubbornly ignored the flames and the heat and went about his business as they built the flames higher.

Donald Trump, as another unwelcome outsider, has been doing the exact same thing for years. It backfired because the flames didn’t work and instead he was rewarded with even more power. This is what has happened to Donald Trump as he installs new judges.

They next threw Daniel to the lions, which is bible talk for throwing him onto the court of public opinion (they often used a lion to represent the collective populace of a nation), after they had spread false rumors. The result was that the lions had no interest in Daniel and instead turned on the palace eunuchs and devoured them.

This is the same with Donald Trump with false news stories in the media designed by the current palace eunuchs. There is little to no real news stories in the MSM regarding Trump, other than their false narratives. Especially outside of the U.S., they know only what the palace eunuchs tell them. Inside the U.S., the lion (people) have caught on, and are now devouring the palace eunuchs instead.

History continues to repeat itself. This will continue until the people themselves have a revelation and start listening to the warnings laid out in the bible. Thanks to “fake news” the bible has been spun into something barely understandable to most.

Do you think that the parties in the US are committed to formalized political rivalry? Or do you think one or both are committed to winning by fraud, suppression, gerrymandering, etc?

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At the Washington level of politics, there is little to no rivalry. We now have a system very similar to what they have in Russia. In Russia, they pretend to have competing parties, the most prevalent being the United Russia Party and the Communist Party. In actual practice they have one Party with two names, which is why the chosen politicians, such as Putin, always win no matter what.

Their system has been set up to benefit the ruling elite, not the citizens. The politicians presented as candidates are mostly chosen from within the Politboro of Law Enforcement and Intelligence Communities, which gives a huge advantage to Putin and his oligarchs.

We now have the same system, but a huge wrench was thrown into the power structure when the people elected Trump instead of those who had been pre-selected by the American Politboro in the form of Clinton or McCain. Trump being elected was the equivalent of transplanting a human heart into the organs of a huge hairy gorilla, without the benefit of medications to prevent rejection. As a result, the giant gorilla is screaming in agony and anguish, just as if Trump had been elected in Russia.

The citizens, on the other hand, have been deliberately divided by the propaganda rhetoric coming from within the American Politboro. Just as in Russia, they own the Media, the political Parties, and the Intel and Law enforcement communities, which have been working together to rid themselves of the foreign object within their chest by trying to convince the American people to also reject Trump. This has failed, leaving what may be a lasting divide among the people.

The majority of Americans have awakened to the fact their government has grown into a Politboro Caliphate that serves its own interests before the people. However you translate the numbers, Trump won the vote of the vast majority of counties in the U.S. You can check those numbers here.

A common characteristic of who did not vote for Trump are those concentrated in areas where there is a huge government presence and a large population of immigrants and others receiving entitlements, who quickly become government dependent. The dependency could consist of either government jobs, government services, or government welfare. The results are the same and they vote for the Politboro Caliphate to continue to grow and become even more influential in society in exchange for the benefits offered. The need by the Politboro for this voting bloc is why we now have “sanctuary” cities.

The high concentrations of those benefit by voting for the Politboro Caliphate are beginning to look more and more like a new Confederacy. If this trend continues through uncontrolled immigration and government welfare and giveaways there could eventually be such a division that conflict may be inevitable.

The Moral Case Against Socialism

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We have been getting warnings of this phenomenon for thousands of years. The Moses parable is the story of how Socialism and authoritarianism gains a foothold in society. Here is an excerpt from The God of Statism that compares Moses to his antidote, which is Jesus. There is nothing Hitler did that Moses did not do also. This has been a problem since the beginning of culture.

Moses—Promoted and led people to a “promised land” acquired through war, thievery, and genocide
Jesus—Promoted salvation which would be acquired through a virtuous culture.

Moses—Learned benefits of Elitism at an early age
Jesus—Learned a trade at an early age

Moses—Appointed a surrogate to rule over the people
Jesus—Anointed the people to rule over themselves

Moses—Grew up in privilege and wealth
Jesus—Grew up in working class

Moses—Gained followers through plagues and division
Jesus—Gained followers through healing and teaching

Moses—Created conflict and participated in vicious tribal warfare (identity politics)
Jesus—Avoided conflict and taught tolerance

Moses—Created laws and bureaucracies
Jesus—Pointed out flaws in laws and bureaucracies

Moses—Used laws to enforce loyalty under penalty of death
Jesus—Simply allowed others to follow their own beliefs

Moses—Used bureaucracy to create dependency
Jesus—Encouraged faith in oneself and self-reliance

Moses—Created and enforced tax laws to redistribute wealth 
Jesus—Encouraged charity directly to the poor and discouraged use of State money

Moses—Required sacrifices for every service rendered, and assigned tax collectors
Jesus—Never charged for charity and converted tax collectors to his cause

Moses—Created endless rituals and rules
Jesus—Despised meaningless rituals and rules

Moses—Believed in mob rule and collective persecution
Jesus—Believed in collective forgiveness

Moses—Brutally attacked merchants (Canaanites)
Jesus—Recruited merchants as allies and teachers

The bible is a public warning announcement. If you prefer a secular version than read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. The only difference is Jesus is replaced with John Galt.

What is the current location of the Ark of the Covenant?

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It’s actually quite impossible to not know the location of the Ark of the Covenant because it is all around us. The Ark was never an actual object, but was instead a metaphor of how The Powers That Be seek to control the citizens and culture of a nation. The word “God”, used to replace The Powers That Be was not introduced into the Bible until hundreds of years after the New Testament was written.

Consider the contents of the Ark. One of the contents was “manna”. It was provided for free to the citizens until dependancy reached the point that citizens obedient to The Powers That Be were willing to slaughter the Canaanites and loot their cities and steal the wealth created there. The Powers That Be said this stolen land and booty was their “promised land”. The word Canaanite means merchant or trader. The looting of capitalism still continues to this day. Looting sanctioned by The Powers That Be eventually replaced the free manna, which was only provided long enough to create the necessary dependency.

Another content was laws carved into stone. The laws mostly represented cultural norms but The Powers That Be made a covenant with Moses to make them permanently carved into stone in a very high place where the citizens were refused access, to be used as an instrument to judge against the citizens when convenient. Neither Moses nor The Powers That Be were bound by these laws. Also, along with the laws already generally accepted by the citizens were laws now earmarked to demand loyalty to The Powers That Be under penalty of death.

Of course, the creation of laws to be used to judge the people did not stop with just ten. The laws kept flowing, the taxes became much more complicated, and the micromanagement persisted until many additional scrolls also had to be included and also hidden away in the Ark to protect them from being examined or questioned by the citizens.

The Ark became a severe burden, and they had to lug it with them wherever they traveled. It resulted in the death and suffering of many of the Israelites. It was once captured and adopted by another tribe and resulted in many deaths and plagues among them as well. They sent it back in terror and when some of the Israelites found it they disrespectfully examined the contents. This caused tens of thousands of more deaths dispensed by The Powers That Be. War, suffering, and plagues accompanied the Ark wherever it traveled. Do you see the meaning of the metaphor and who it was referring to?

Why is group think so prevalent in today’s America?

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Tim Orum

Tim Orum, Entrepreneur, wrote The God of StatismAnswered Feb 22

Groupthink is a vital aspect of imposing Statist control. Identity politics is another way of phrasing this phenomenon. Here is the Wikipedia definition:

Groupthink is a psychological phenomenon that occurs within a group of people in which the desire for harmony or conformity in the group results in an irrational or dysfunctional decision-making outcome.

There are examples all through history of Statists using this as a tool to impose their authority over an unsuspecting proletariat. Hitler used this to convince his “group” they were being victimized by the Jews. If you did not agree you could be in serious danger, even though they were your harmless neighbors. This was already an ancient method then and is now being used effectively in the U.S. because it is beneficial to The Powers That Be, who are using it as a distraction. Groupthink is being effectively promoted within our State-controlled media to create division and resentment between various groups. Men against women. Gays against straights. Blacks against whites. Poor against rich, etc.

The more division and resentment, the easier a population is to control by turning them against each other rather than encouraging honest debate and respect for another point of view.

As proof of the effectiveness of this age-old method of imposing control, the entire Old Testament is devoted to warnings of how The Powers That Be endlessly divided the people into tribes, kingdoms, clans, and so forth. Then they would be turned against each other to claim and then maintain control of the populace. Groupthink enabled The Powers That Be to claim the moral authority to demand loyalty. Those not willing to participate in the favored groupthink to demonstrate their loyalty would be purged, often violently.