How did Christians ruin the ancient world?

Christians ruined the ancient world by declaring themselves to be Christians, rather than following the instructions of the Bible and declaring themselves to be “in christ”, which means to be self-anointed. They turned Jesus, meant by the authors of the Bible to be an example of how to be self-anointed, and turned him into another deity to serve their own self-interests.

The Bible is not about deities, it is about Power. The word “Elohim”, falsely translated to mean “God” actually means the “The Powers” or “The Powers that Be”. The Old Testament is a public warning announcement of the dangers of allowing the Powers of the People to be usurped by the Powers of the State. The entire Old Testament is devoted to examples of corrupt Judges, psychopathic Kings, endless war and genocide, endless and complicated rituals, and of course mandatory taxes called “tithes”. The “Powers” (God) of the Old Testament was only worshipped by the Elites and Rulers. Warlords like Moses and King David paid great obeisance to the Powers of the State that gave them great benefits in return for loyalty.

The Bible was meant to be the first Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and Bill of Rights all together in one book that would give Power back to the People rather the continuous 6–6–6 cycles of failure brought about by worship of the Powers of the State. This message has been corrupted into a story of giving Power back to a God and waiting for a new “kingdom”, while the Bible instead explains in detail We the People are responsible for regaining paradise by excluding all “idolators” and forbidding the construction of temples.

The Bible goes to great effort at explaining we should avoid making a “covenant” with the Powers in return for temporary benefits and should instead rely on and learn to cooperate among ourselves. This message is still being ignored by many who are once again surrendering their Power and making a “covenant” with the Powers That Be that always brings disaster.